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At J7 Communications, we help you to communicate with precision and effect when it matters most: during times of development, disruption, and crisis. We create customised strategies and solutions to deliver optimum results and help move the needle with target audiences.


Our clients get confidential and forward-thinking advice, benefiting from our multidisciplinary expertise and innovative, fully tailored solutions - from building brand awareness to managing board dynamics to mitigating risks.  We have managed numerous reputational challenges as well as strategic business issues with discretion and empathy.


Our approach is based on insight from regulators, political analysts, lawmakers, and our own experience with the media and external audiences. We operate in diverse industries and environments, and respond with creative, compelling, timely content.


In crowded markets and saturated media, we help you to cut through the noise and make your voice heard above the rest.


Our clients receive thorough, incisive, information-driven work enhanced by our team's diverse expertise and attention to detail.


We combine tried-and-tested experience with contemporary ideas and lateral thinking to produce innovative, effective solutions.

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“Due to the pandemic, the cultural context keeps changing. We are forced to work more autonomously, with less supervision and less guidance. We are left to interpret and adapt everchanging regulation and unclear guidance. We are compelled to consider our position in the industry and in our global marketplace.  It's challenging. 


What has been powerful about J7 Communications is how they were able to bring culture to the heart of our organisation. They have guided us to ensure our communications and our cultural context is in everything we do. They have helped us redefine and communicate our purpose through the media with energy, spirit, and tenacity. Having fortified our platform and our corporate community, the future seems a little bit less uncertain. Thank you J7 Communications!”