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Statement from the Orthodox Church of Ukraine on the Global Implications of the Ukraine Crisis 

KYIV, UKRAINE—His Eminence Archbishop Yevstratiy Zoria of Chernihiv, spokesperson for the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, has in an interview given to Sky News shared his views on the potential consequences of the war in Ukraine, both for Ukraine and for the global community.

Archbishop Yevstratiy stated:

“If we don’t resist this invasion, we face behaviour towards the Ukrainian nation like we saw in our past, in the times of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union: genocide, terror, and other types of tyranny. […] I have no other option than to believe that Ukraine will survive. We are seeing unprecedented and unexpected sacrifices in our nation for freedom and for the future.”

Speaking on the wider implications of the war, His Eminence said:

“If the global community does not stop Putin, nobody in the world will be safe. If Ukraine falls—if Kyiv falls—the world will fall. We fight and die here not just for ourselves, but for the future of the whole world.”

The archbishop also received intelligence on the possibility of an aerial attack on Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, the headquarters of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.


In an emergency statement on behalf of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, Archbishop Yevstratiy said: 

“Due to obvious reasons, we cannot verify the information ourselves. However, we see the barbaric shelling of residential areas in Ukrainian cities by Russian forces.  During the Second World War, Soviet saboteurs blew up another sanctuary – the Dormition Cathedral of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. It is not impossible to think that the perverted mind of the aggressor is capable of another similar crime.”

“It is also absolutely possible that Russian missiles will hit the Saint Sophia Cathedral due to technical defects in weapon systems. Every day those missiles fly in the direction of Kyiv, and any one of them can, even if not deliberately, but because of defects or mistakes, hit world-famous sanctuaries.”



Notes to Editors:

About the Orthodox Church of Ukraine:

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine is headquartered in the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv and 60% of the population of Ukraine are members. The Church gained its independence from Moscow on 5 January 2019 when it established its autocephaly from the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople/Istanbul. His Eminence Archbishop Yevstratiy Zoria of Chernihiv is the official spokesperson for the Church and is the Archbishop for Kyiv and the surrounding geographic areas.