Communications during the second COVID lockdown 

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Companies and organisations in the UK and across the globe are faced with another lockdown which poses a number of major challenges. Firstly should the leadership speak directly to its stakeholders ie its staff, suppliers, regulators, the media even? secondly, should businesses communicate the limitations of its service capabilities during the lockdown or act as if its "businesses as normal"?

The answers are not simple or easy in fact. Speaking to your stakeholders at a time of crisis allows you to explain your current trading position and also allows you to explain your projections for the future, ie if this trend continues at this rate "the business will need to reduce headcount". These are not easy conversations to make and indeed some organisations are throwing around the suggestion to reduce wage costs by everyone taking a wage cut. Moreover, businesses must survive this unparalleled crisis with the understanding of their staff and customers that operating will continue but not at the same levels as pre-COVID. But is this a plausible case? With the levels of people now working from home, shouldn't all service-led businesses all be able to operate remotely and provide customers a consistent level of service?