ICS calls for international action to recognise seafarers as “keyworkers”

The Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Shipping Guy Platten speaking at the J7 breakfast briefing on shipping made a plea that governments across the globe recognise seafarers as “keyworkers”.

“At one point we had well over 400,000 (seafarers) well beyond the end of their contracts unable to get home and be relieved. We had unprecedented levels of cooperation that has allowed us to get through this crisis”.

Guy Platten Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Shipping said:

“We must prioritise seafarers for vaccinations to allow international trade to continue. Shipping and trade have lifted many people out of poverty.”

The piracy issues that have affected crews sailing into the Gulf of Guinea were described as “exceptionally nasty” by the Secretary General of the ICS Guy Platten.

“Crews are essentially kidnapped and traumatised and held ashore in terrible conditions and released on demands for payment. The Governments of Nigeria and others in the region have been lobbied to take action to protect crews.”